Mike Testro

Services provided for DAAB – United Kingdom and Ireland Adjudication only.


Mike has worked as an independent delay analyst for the last 28 years and is acknowledged by his peers as an expert in this field.

He has worked in all branches of construction and has been building things around the world for the last 42 years before switching to delay analysis.

His range of experience covers between Hydro Electric Dams and Mrs Dinkins basement.

Since the Adjudication System started in 1996 he has been appointed as expert for both referral and respondent in approximately 56 adjudications.

Other cases involved eight arbitrations, 1 TCC as assistant, 6 as advisor to clients. Since 1993 has been involved in eight arbitrations, seven of which were settled outside the hearing and 1 where he appeared as witness for the respondent and was court tested and hot tubbed.


Mike didn’t set a great store on paper qualifications but it is time he was appointed as MCIOB and was a member of the society construction law and the adjudication society.

He now styles himself FDAAB.


Principles of delay analysis.

India contract act 1872 and its influence on construction contracts.

Numerous articles published on LinkedIn and planning planet.

Mike is particularly proud of his development of the delay analysis method known as Projected As Built Delay Analysis Method – PABDAM.

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